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Business Opportunities

Acquisition Forecasts is one of the most valuable tools the Air Force has to communicate future mission requirements with the small businesses, so don't hesitate to use it often!

Future acquisition forecasts are prepared by a number of organizations within Air Force. Forecasting methodologies may vary across organizations and constitute the best estimate of each. Forecast information is provided for planning purposes and is subject to change.

The Air Force has hundreds of contract opportunities for small businesses and our goal is to make it easy for your business to identify these opportunities.

Acquisition Forecasts (also referred to as either Long Range Acquisition Estimate (LRAE), Long Range Acquisition Forecast (LRAF) or Procurement Forecasts) provides you with the information you need to understand Air Force requirements and prepare for how your business may be able to meet these needs.

Acquisition Forecasts Helps the Air Force Communicate its Needs to the Marketplace

By using the Acquisition Forecasts, your business can not only identify opportunities but understand Air Force requirements now and into the future. You can search the LRAE/LRAF/Procurement Opportunities by a variety of variables, including type of procurement, contract value, purchasing organization and solicitation type.

*DISCLAIMER** United States Code Title 15, Section 637, (A) (12) (c) requires Department of the Defense/Air Force to prepare a forecast of expected contract opportunities of the next and succeeding fiscal years and make the forecast available to large and small businesses. The forecast is for informal marketing purposes only.  It does not constitute a specific offer of commitment by Air Force to fund, in whole or in part, the opportunities referenced herein. This listing is not all inclusive and is subject to change.

Small Business