About Air Force Small Business

About Air Force Small Business

The Secretary of the Air Force/Small Business (SAF/SB) has overall responsibility for directing, managing, measuring and overseeing the execution of Small Business Programs for the Department of the Air Force. To help ensure the Air Force derives the best possible value from its acquisition activities, the Air Force Office of Small Business Programs works to transform, modernize and promote successful practices with respect to engaging small businesses.

Small Businesses Bring Great Value to the Air Force Everyday

By being responsive to the mission, by being innovative, and by being flexible in ways that cannot be matched by large enterprises, small businesses are critical partners. The Air Force Office of Small Business Programs works to champion solutions for Airmen that cannot be realized through any other means in the marketplace.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to maximize small business opportunities within Air Force acquisitions, thereby (a) promoting efficiencies and innovation, (b) fostering competition, and (c) expanding the defense industrial base. In addition to create a culture that looks to small businesses first for innovative, agile, and affordable solutions to meet our warfighter needs.


Our leadership is attuned to small business needs. We're organized to use policy, programs, strategy, assistance and operations to ensure the Air Force benefits from all that small business have to offer to meet mission requirements. 

Dedicated to Increasing Small Business Participation

Director Scott A Kiser is committed to ensuring small business participation in meeting Air Force requirements. Our entire leadership team is dedicated to increasing small business participation in the acquisition process for vital reasons. 

The Air Force Looks Forward to Doing Business With You

Our outreach to the small business community increases the number of innovative suppliers in the industrial base, which increases the government's access to new solutions and technologies that would not be available without your participation. We thank you for your interest in serving the needs of the Air Force, and we look forward to doing business with you.



Mr. Scott A. Kiser