Mock Source Selection

The 2010 Mock Source Selection Training, developed by Small Business Specialist Alice O’Neal along with the assistance of a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), is a compilation of training materials that provides potential small business contractors with much-needed insight into the source selection process. The training also provides an in-depth overview of various steps within the selection process, including requirements, market research, risk analysis, acquisition strategy, Request for Proposal (RFP), proposal receipt and the final source selection. The full Mock Source Selection Training presentation can be delivered through classroom instruction within a day and half.

Additionally, the training outlines the entire evaluation process to include identifying the key players that are responsible for making source selections. It also defines critical factors that offerors consider, including Best Value Continuum, Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA), Performance Price Trade-Off (PPT) and Full Trade Off (FTO).

The course also contains various “mock-up” tools that include a solicitation form and a RFP, which are provided below. With the training, small businesses will be better able to respond to a RFP to support a specific function of the Air Force. In addition, they will go through the processes to perform market research and seek Requests for Information (RFIs), develop capability briefs and submit final proposals for potential source selection. At the conclusion, participants evaluate proposals, select a winner and conduct out-briefs with the unsuccessful offerors.

The Mock Source Selection Training provides a unique opportunity for small businesses to gain effective techniques to help tailor RFPs in order to be successfully considered for contracting opportunities within the Air Force. Small Business Specialists are encouraged to utilize the Mock Source Selection Training materials to conduct sessions within their area.