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Many mind-blowing ideas are being birthed in U.S. startup companies, but the Pentagon largely misses out on them. For our big bureaucracy, awarding a contract in months is a flash. The Pentagon must do business at the speed of ideas: inspiring and accelerating startup creativity toward national security challenges. The smaller the company, the faster we must move. We accept that challenge. Welcome to Air Force Pitch Day.

Read all about how the Air Force awarded 51 companies contracts with a total initial value of $8.75 million in a matter of minutes at the Inaugural Air Force Pitch Day event held March 6-7, in New York City, HERE


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Air Force Small Business Programs Wins Vanguard Award


The Vanguard Awards honor small business professionals, teams, and organizations that influence small business participation in Defense acquisitions.  Read more HERE

Department of the Air Force Board of Directors Strategy





Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM)

The Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM) provides the documented current state process in an integrated fashion and serves as the central knowledge warehouse.

The APM is a compilation of policy, instructions, and guidance that acts as the Gold Standard for persons involved in the Acquisition Process. Learn more HERE


AFWERX is a catalyst for agile Air Force engagement across industry, academia and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and foster the Air Force culture of innovation.

SB Guide for the Facility Clearance Process

What is a Facility Clearance (FCL)? Who can Sponsor a Facility Clearance ? Considering a Joint Venture(JV)? All these questions and more can be answered in the Defense Security Service (DSS) Small Business Guide Facility Clearance Process




There are delays to invoice payments due to Electronic Fund Transfer restrictions for new or renewing SAM accounts that are awaiting processing of a notarized letter in response to the recent SAM cyber hack. Additional details can be found HERE



Small Business Programs



DoD’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program invests more than $1 billion each year in small business technology.

The Air Force Office of Small Business Programs is committed to providing the most effective and innovative methods of assistance to meet the needs of Women-Owned Small Businesses. 
Eligible small businesses have the ability to develop their qualifications and ability to compete for prime contracts and subcontract awards by partnering with large businesses.


Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) is an economically distressed area as determined by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

A small disadvantaged business is a small firm owned by one or more individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

The Air Force Office of Small Business Programs recognizes that U.S. military veterans have provided invaluable service to the nation in times of peace and war.


Locate A Small Business Specialist

  Our Small Business Professionals have direct relationships with major commands and bases throughout the country and possess the expertise to help your company identify and respond to every type of procurement opportunity the Air Force offers. You can find all small business specialists on our Locate a Small Business Specialist page by clicking HERE

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Very interesting stuff! A Massachusetts-based company is building a virtual aircraft maintenance trainer for the Air Force that would allow for larger class sizes & troubleshooting scenarios that are difficult to present in a traditional live setting.
Take note of, and register for this opportunity to learn form about Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) on January 4: … Bill Harrison from Air Force SBIR/STTR
#TheForce was with the Air Force SBIR/STTR Program and a small business partner when we developed this #lightsaber. #LastJedi #StarWars from Air Force SBIR/STTR" target="_blank"> … #LastJedi #StarWars from Air Force SBIR/STTR
we&#39;ve added a &#39;What&#39;s New in Small Business&#39; block on our page here: #39;d like to see shared there. #SmallBiz #GovCon #AirForce" target="_blank"> let us know the kinds of things you&#39;d like to see shared there. #SmallBiz #GovCon #AirForce</a>
Can your SB develop an optimized wireless personal area network for Battlefield Airmen’s personal equipment set that is based on InfoSec, survivability, workload, size, weight, power & cost considerations? See topic AF181-123: from Air Force SBIR/STTR
The FY18 Air Force Mentor Prot&#233;g&#233; Program is accepting new Mentor Prot&#233;g&#233; agreements through 19 Jan 2018. The FY18 BAA is posted on FedBizOps below: #MPP #SmallBiz #GovCon #MentorProtege
12/11 Webinar: Limitations on Subcontracting & The SBA&#39;s New Government-Wide Mentor Prot&#233;g&#233; Program #SmallBiz #GovCon From Virginia PTAP
The FY18 Air Force Mentor Protégé Program is accepting new Mentor Protégé agreements through 19 Jan 2018. The FY18 BAA is posted on HERE #MPP #SmallBiz #GovCon #MentorProtege
#VIP trains about 200 VOSBs and SDVOSBs a year. #VIP's free training is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Training is provided over three days and covers 20+ topics and includes instruction from 33 government and industry experts. #MARC OSBP
The Veteran Institute for Procurement (#VIP) offers five programs to help #VOSBs and #SDVOSBs increase their ability to win government contracts. #MARC OSBP #SmallBiz #GovCon" target="_blank"> #MARC OSBP #SmallBiz #GovCon</a>
Have you been to our new website yet? No? Head over and take a look. Lot&#39;s of changes and enhancements but never ceasing to improve and grow: #SmallBiz #AirForce #GovCon" target="_blank"> #SmallBiz #AirForce #GovCon</a>
also, FAR 52.219-9 (d) (15) requires contractors to pay #smallbiz subcontractors on time and notify the Contracting Officer when a reduced or untimely payment is made to a #smallbiz subcontractor. #MARC OSBP
Here is some very useful information that came out of the DoD OSBP Mid-Atlantic Regional Council (MARC) yesterday, like FAR 52.219-9 (d) (12) requires contractors to make a good-faith effort to utilize proposed small businesses during contract performance. #MARC OSBP
Are you a #smallbiz owner with an amazing success story to tell? Nominations for SBA&#39;s 2018 National Small Business Week Awards are due Jan. 9. Details are at OSBP Air Force SBIR/STTR
Are you an SB interested in testing your tech with #AirForce researchers and operators at a unique facility that can provide a simulated battlefield environment? Register for this: ISBDC SBA Indiana IowaSBDC Kansas SBDC Maine SBDC Maine PTAC
Are you a #smallbiz owner with an amazing success story to tell? Nominations for SBA&#39;s 2018 National Small Business Week Awards are due Jan. 9. Details are at OSBP
great resource! <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="</a> U.S. Dept of Defense OSBP #GovCon #SmallBiz Virginia PTAP" target="_blank"></a> U.S. Dept of Defense OSBP #GovCon #SmallBiz Virginia PTAP</a>
Support your local military-owned businesses during National Veterans Small Business Week, Oct.30-Nov.3 → #MyVetBiz" target="_blank"> #MyVetBiz</a>
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